Proficiency tests are important tools to monitor your laboratory and method performance. In 2022 many LactoSens® users have participated in the largest European proficiency test for residual lactose analysis in lactose free milk organized by MUVA Kempten GmbH. About one quarter of overall 38 participants have submitted results using LactoSens® biosensor lactose assay kit. The confidence in LactoSens® was again strengthened by excellent results compared to the gold standard method ion-chromatography.


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About MUVA Kempten GmbH

The proficiency testing program for quality assurance of MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH is one of the worldwide most important schemes for chemical, microbiology and sensory analysis of food. Since 25 years, MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH has experience in performing proficiency testing studies and in the applied statistics. MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH cooperates with a number of national and international working groups and is – since a long time – close with quality management and analytical quality assurance.