Inspired by nature
applied in technology


DirectSens is a company dedicated to the development of 3rd generation biosensors. We convert scientific results in innovative sensor solutions.

A technology platform around an unique biocatalyst serves as basis for our product developments. The flexibility of the technology along with the simple architecture enables DirectSens to target several markets where innovation in sensor technology is requested. read more

3rd Generation Glucose Sensor

A biosensor for use in a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) that reliably monitors the glucose levels of Diabetes patients.


DirectSens is working on a biosensor for the continuous measurement of glucose in the interstitial fluid. The goal of this development stage is to proof the performance of the technology in preclinical studies in vivo. Collaborators during this project are Medtech companies evaluating alternatives to first and second generation biosensors to improve performance. read more



A biosensor assay kit for resilient and robust, fast and precise detection of lactose in lactose-free and low-lactose dairy products.

LactoSens®R is a resilient and robust biosensor assay kit providing reliable results within a minute. The method is applicable for a vast range of milk products, from milk to mozzarella and gives accurate results even in the presence of fruit preps or added flavors (e.g. cocoa, coffee). read more

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