DirectSens is a company dedicated to the development of 3rd generation biosensors. We convert scientific results in innovative sensor solutions.

A technology platform around an unique biocatalyst serves as basis for our product developments. The flexibility of the technology along with the simple architecture enables DirectSens to target several markets where innovation in sensor technology is requested. read more

Direct Electron Transfer Enzyme Technology

Biosensors are widely used to manage disease or track food allergens. They make use of enzymes that specifically detect a substance in a sample and convert it into a measurable signal.

DirectSens has over ten years experience with a specific class of enzymes, which is capable of direct electron transfer. This feature enables a 3rd generation sensing mechanism, which is independent of mediators or oxygen, thus simplifies the architecture and increases performance. Sensors based on this enzyme technology are highly accurate, precise and robust. read more


Direct Electron Transfer Biosensor System -LactoSens®R

LactoSens®R is a biosensor assay kit for resilient and robust, fast and precise detection of lactose in lactose-free and low-lactose dairy products.

LactoSens®R provides reliable results within a minute. The method is applicable for a vast range of milk products, from milk to mozzarella and gives accurate results even in the presence of fruit preps or added flavors (e.g. cocoa, coffee). read more

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