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Biosensor Technology

Biosensor Technology

The core of every biosensor is an enzyme

Biosensors are devices that can detect and measure the concentration of a specific analyte in a sample. Their development has saved millions of lives since the first commercial product was introduced in the 1970 (Clark et al.)

However, the enzymes that act as the central component of these devices have undergone little development since then. DirectSens was founded in 2013 to change that.

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Inspired by nature, applied in technology

Enzymes are responsible for the main properties of the product, such as specificity and stability. Most biosensors use Oxidase or Dehydrogenase enzymes in combination with a two-step detection mechanism to generate a signal.

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Next-generation enzyme technology

DirectSens has successfully pioneered the commercialization of 3rd generation biosensors that do not require mediators by using enzymes capable of Direct Electrode Transfer (DET).
Today, after 10 years in business, our portfolio includes enzymes useful for all common architectures of modern biosensor applications.

Fine-tuned performance on a large scale

DirectSens uses the latest biotech engineering techniques to discover enzymes and tailor them to their intended use.

The ISO-certified facilities in Vienna, Austria, are capable of producing and supplying enzymes and sensors on a large scale.

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