DRRR proficiency testing confirmed excellent performance of LactoSens®R

Accuracy, precision and reliability are the key success factors of LactoSens®. The latest DRRR proficiency testing confirmed this claim, again! We are periodically challenging LactoSens® in external proficiency tests (see Independent proficiency testing showed excellent results for LactoSens® for more results). In the latest DRRR proficiency test two UHT milk samples with low levels of lactose were analysed with the gold standard […]

Excellent results for LactoSens® in the proficiency testing of MUVA Kempten GmbH

Proficiency tests are important tools to monitor your laboratory and method performance. In 2022 many LactoSens® users have participated in the largest European proficiency test for residual lactose analysis in lactose free milk organized by MUVA Kempten GmbH. About one quarter of overall 38 participants have submitted results using LactoSens® biosensor lactose assay kit. The […]

Journal of AOAC International publication about LactoSens®R

After AOAC International food safety experts have adopted LactoSens®R for measuring low levels of lactose in dairy products as a First Action Official Method of AnalysisSM in January 2020 the full publication is now available. Determination of Lactose in Lactose-Free and Low-Lactose Milk, Milk Products, and Products Containing Dairy Ingredients by the LactoSens®R Amperometry Method: […]