02 Aug 2018

International Dairy Magazine appreciates NordVal validation

From the dairy industry point of view, IDM stresses the need for a precise, fast and easy method of on-site measurement of residual lactose – to bring it down to the recommended 0.01% lactose-free threshold. This has been made possible thanks to the technical breakthrough of LactoSens®. The recent NordVal validation of this method against the reference method for lactose determination allows dairies to easily integrate LactoSens® into their certified quality management system: This method’s high levels of accuracy, specificity, stability, and reliability have proven to be in line with the ISO 17025 standard.


The full report can be downloaded here:

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09 Jul 2018
14 Jun 2018

Australian Dairy Foods: „Lactose tests on the go”


The official magazine of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia has run a technical entry in the Equipment & Services section: The editor described the LactoSens® biosensor direct assay detecting principle and the suitability for various user groups.




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14 May 2018

DAIRY reporter: “LactoSens opens up lactose-free market”

One of the world’s leading magazine in dairy innovation has presented the LactoSens® biosensor test system as lactose-free market opener for dairies:

Barriers of previously-used reference methods for precise lactose 0.01% threshold detection have been successfully eliminated. With the launch of the latest LactoSens® 0.01% biosensor – recently validated against HPLC – it has become easy to benefit from a certified lactose detection method

Read full article here.

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14 Mar 2018

Nordval International Certificate for LactoSens

LactoSens® lactose test kit has obtained the NordVal International Certificate, which confirms that LactoSens® in a few minutes can measure lactose levels with the same precision as the reference method HPLC at ISO 17025 accredited labs.

The certificate can be downloaded here.

Press release CHR Hansen




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17 Nov 2017

Mercur´17 Innovation Award

DirectSens GmbH won this year’s innovation award “Mercur 2017” in the category “Life Science” and was awarded the “Start-up Star”.

For the 30th time, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce awarded the Mercur Innovation Prize. Around 200 guests came to the awards ceremony on 14 November in the Dome Hall of the Vienna University of Technology. From more than 100 applications, DirectSens GmbH won the prize in the category “Life Science” and additionally the award “Start-up Star”.

DirectSens has managed to translate the results of basic research into a business idea and a marketable product, according to the jury. The lactose biosensor test kit Lactosens has already been successfully established in the global market. With the help of the DirectSens enzyme technology even low lactose concentrations can be measured quickly and precisely. In parallel, DirectSens is developing a glucose sensor for diabetics that outperforms conventional systems in terms of performance, accuracy and cost.

DirectSens GmbH is nominated for the State Prize Innovation and for the SME Award Econovius as representative of Vienna.


Fotocredit: Florian Wieser

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02 Nov 2017

Diabetes Technology Meeting

DirectSens presented the latest results of our 3rd generation glucose sensor technology on the DTM in Bethesda, Maryland, November 2-4, 2017.

We received great and very positive feedback and thank everybody who visited our poster or met us in our conference room!

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26 Sep 2017

ISO 9001 Certification

The management system of DirectSens meets all standards required for DIN EN ISO 9001 and was certified by TÜV Nord in September 2017. You can find the certificates in German and English in the Company section of our website.

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26 Jun 2017

New versions of LactoSens now available!

Together with our distribution partners Chr. Hansen and Optiferm we launched two new versions of our lactose sensor.

LactoSens® 0.01% has an optimized measurement range and it is now possible to accurately measure lactose in milk down to 0.01%.

LactoSens® for NOLA™Fit was optimized for lactases with a Bifidobacterium origin and can measure lactose concentrations down to 0.01%.

These kits work of course with our LactoSens reader and can be purchased from our distribution partners.

Please find further information on our Lactose Sensor tab.

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17 Mar 2017