23 Apr 2020

Verify your lactose method with DRRR proficiency testing

DirectSens is participating with its LactoSens®R and LactoSens® 0.02% in the proficiency testing of DRRR GmbH. The chemical-physical proficiency testing number 2010107 UHT-milk (lactose free) on detection of residual lactose in lactose-reduced and lactose-free UHT milk starts on April 28th. Proficiency testing systems are an efficient instrument for internal and external quality assurance. Take the chance to demonstrate the analytical performance of your own laboratory using LactoSens®.

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About DRRR Deutsches Referenzbüro für Ringversuche und Referenzmaterialien GmbH

The German reference office for food proficiency testing and reference materials (DRRR) is a service company for external quality assurance of laboratories of the food industry, the packaging / consumer goods / plastic industry and building industry.

DRRR is an inspection body, reference material producer and proficiency testing (PT) provider. For a wide selection of proficiency testing schemes the DRRR is accredited acc. DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043. DRRR offers many certified reference materials as well as advise on quality matters and quality assurance training in the laboratory and the production.

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06 Mar 2020

Proficiency testing of MUVA Kempten GmbH

DirectSens is participating with its LactoSens®R and LactoSens® 0.02% in the proficiency testing of MUVA Kempten GmbH. The study number EPQS 831 detection of residual lactose in lactose reduced and lactose free milk starts on March 16th. Proficiency testing systems are an efficient instrument for internal and external quality assurance. Take the chance to demonstrate the analytical performance of your own laboratory using LactoSens®.

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Read full MUVA proficiency testing program 2020

About MUVA Kempten GmbH

The proficiency testing program for quality assurance of MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH is one of the worldwide most important schemes for chemical, microbiology and sensory analysis of food. Since 25 years, MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH has experience in performing proficiency testing studies and in the applied statistics. MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH cooperates with a number of national and international working groups and is – since a long time – close with quality management and analytical quality assurance.

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21 Feb 2020

LactoSens®R method was validated as Official Method by AOAC experts

AOAC INTERNATIONAL food safety experts have adopted LactoSens®R for measuring low levels of lactose in dairy products as a First Action Official Method of AnalysisSM during a meeting of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Expert Review Panel for Low-Lactose Methods on January 15, 2020.

Measuring trace levels of lactose accurately is technically challenging and can increase costs for dairy producers because time-consuming testing processes effectively shorten shelf life. LactoSens® test kits, were developed as a fast and easy alternative to the standard reference method using high-performance anion exchange chromatography, a technically complex technique which is mainly performed at external accredited laboratories.

LactoSens®R Biosensor Assay Kit was evaluated against AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s Standard Method Performance Requirement (SMPR®) 2018.009, which details the requirements for testing mono- and di-saccharides in milk, milk products, and products containing dairy ingredients that are low-lactose or lactose-free. The full study “Determination of Lactose in Low-Lactose and Lactose-Free Milk, Milk Products, and Products Containing Dairy Ingredients – LactoSens®R Amperometry Method” will be published in Journal of AOAC.

Read full AOAC press release

More about LactoSens®R

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01 Jul 2019
12 Jun 2019

New LactoSens®R guarantees highly accurate, precise and interference-free lactose results across all dairy segments

We are pleased to announce that our new LactoSens®R  user-friendly lactose assay kit for all lactose-free and low lactose milk products is available for purchase from our distribution partners Chr. Hansen A/S and Optiferm GmbH.

LactoSens®R Reader is an improved device for stable and robust results providing more user friendliness e.g. through an included QR code scanner, automatic sample detection and the possibility for internal instrument QC with the calibration device.

For further details and document downloads visit www.lactosens.com

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29 Mar 2019

External certification by NordVal confirms that results obtained by LactoSens®R are equivalent to the reference method HPLC.

The recently accepted NordVal International validation assures that LactoSens®R lactose biosensor assay kit performs with high accuracy and specificity down to detection limit of 0.008% lactose. All characteristics are found to be in compliance with claims, demonstrating equal performance with the reference method HPLC (ISO 2262 IDF 198).

External validation studies have been performed to prove that the biosensor assay kit LactoSens®R can be used to determine residual lactose in milk samples with a fat content of up to 36% as well as in fermented milk products like yoghurt, cream, sour cream and curd. Furthermore, it was approved that the sensor is also applicable to lactose-free flavored yogurts and milk drinks (e.g. coffee, cacao, fruits). In addition, it was verified that the sensors are stable for at least 3 days storage at 30⁰C.

The external certification by NordVal makes LactoSens®R the perfect choice for product release, process optimization and product development. More about LactoSens®R…
Download certificate here.

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27 Sep 2018

Dairy Technologist: “LACTOSENS® Assay: A Rapid Computerized Lactose Content Determination Method”

The international dairy technology platform ‘Dairy Technologist’ describes our LactoSens biosensor as a ‘Rapid Computerized Lactose Content Determination Method’ that can be adopted for both industrial and artisanal use. Considering the importance of dairy products as a means to fight world hunger and malnutrition, LactoSens can make a significant contribution in developing countries with a high prevalence of lactose intolerance.

Read full blog here.

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10 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018

FFG Bridge Project started

DirectSens started a cooperation with the laboratory of Prof. Dietmar Haltrich at the VIBT BOKU for the project „StaREliS – Stabilisation of Redox Enzymes for long-term implantable Sensors”.

StaREliS aims to elucidate the deactivation mechanism of redox enzymes, which should serve as the basis for the development of stable enzymes for long-term biosensors.

The project is funded by a Bridge grant from the the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

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02 Aug 2018

International Dairy Magazine appreciates NordVal validation

From the dairy industry point of view, IDM stresses the need for a precise, fast and easy method of on-site measurement of residual lactose – to bring it down to the recommended 0.01% lactose-free threshold. This has been made possible thanks to the technical breakthrough of LactoSens®. The recent NordVal validation of this method against the reference method for lactose determination allows dairies to easily integrate LactoSens® into their certified quality management system: This method’s high levels of accuracy, specificity, stability, and reliability have proven to be in line with the ISO 17025 standard.


The full report can be downloaded here:

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