Lactose Biosensor Assay Kit System

Resilient and Robust

  • Applicable for a vast range of milk products (e.g. milk, yogurt, curd, mozzarella)
  • Interference-free (fruits, vitamins, sugars, fat, flavors – like vanilla, coffee, cacao)
  • High precision with an RSD < 10% (factory calibrated sensors)

User-friendly lactose assay for all lactose-free and low lactose milk products.

Accurate lactose concentrations in a few minutes.

Quantitation Range


  • High accuracy at and below the threshold limit of 0.01%

Simple and Fast

  • Easy sample preparation – Simple handling
  • Intuitive software to ease use and minimize training
  • Prompt results – in a few minutes

LactoSens®R has received two external approvals. For NordVal certification the method has undergone external validation and results are equivalent to chromatographic reference method HPAEC-PAD.

Based on extensive validation data AOAC International food safety experts have adopted LactoSens®R as a First Action Official Method of AnalysisSM for detecting low lactose in dairy products.

Journal of AOAC International publication about LactoSens®

This makes LactoSens®R the perfect choice for

  • Product release
  • Process optimization
  • Product development

Recovery and Measurement Range


Examples for tested samples: fruit yoghurt (1), milk coffee (2), chocolate milk (3), high protein milk drink (4) and flavored dairy drink (5).

Customer Benefits

  • Very little training
  • Fast product release
  • Optimization of production process and capacities
  • In-house quality control of 0,01% threshold with high accuracy

What you need:

  • LactoSens®R Biosensor Assay Kit
  • LactoSens®R Reader Kit including Software version 2.0
  • Very little additional equipment

5 easy steps to run LactoSens®R Biosensor Assay Kit

IMPORTANT: Please read test kit manual and watch the demonstration video before running the test.

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