The recently accepted NordVal International validation assures that LactoSens®R lactose biosensor assay kit performs with high accuracy and specificity down to detection limit of 0.008% lactose. All characteristics are found to be in compliance with claims, demonstrating equal performance with the reference method HPLC (ISO 2262 IDF 198).

External validation studies have been performed to prove that the biosensor assay kit LactoSens®R can be used to determine residual lactose in milk samples with a fat content of up to 36% as well as in fermented milk products like yoghurt, cream, sour cream and curd. Furthermore, it was approved that the sensor is also applicable to lactose-free flavored yogurts and milk drinks (e.g. coffee, cacao, fruits). In addition, it was verified that the sensors are stable for at least 3 days storage at 30⁰C.

The external certification by NordVal makes LactoSens®R the perfect choice for product release, process optimization and product development. More about LactoSens®R…
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