External certification by NordVal confirms that results obtained by LactoSens®R are equivalent to the reference method HPLC.

The recently accepted NordVal International validation assures that LactoSens®R lactose biosensor assay kit performs with high accuracy and specificity down to detection limit of 0.008% lactose. All characteristics are found to be in compliance with claims, demonstrating equal performance with the reference method HPLC (ISO 2262 IDF 198). External validation studies have been performed to […]

Dairy Technologist: “LACTOSENS® Assay: A Rapid Computerized Lactose Content Determination Method”

The international dairy technology platform ‘Dairy Technologist’ describes our LactoSens biosensor as a ‘Rapid Computerized Lactose Content Determination Method’ that can be adopted for both industrial and artisanal use. Considering the importance of dairy products as a means to fight world hunger and malnutrition, LactoSens can make a significant contribution in developing countries with a […]

FFG Bridge Project started

DirectSens started a cooperation with the laboratory of Prof. Dietmar Haltrich at the VIBT BOKU for the project „StaREliS – Stabilisation of Redox Enzymes for long-term implantable Sensors”. StaREliS aims to elucidate the deactivation mechanism of redox enzymes, which should serve as the basis for the development of stable enzymes for long-term biosensors. The project […]

International Dairy Magazine appreciates NordVal validation

From the dairy industry point of view, IDM stresses the need for a precise, fast and easy method of on-site measurement of residual lactose – to bring it down to the recommended 0.01% lactose-free threshold. This has been made possible thanks to the technical breakthrough of LactoSens®. The recent NordVal validation of this method against […]

LactoSens® is certified for Public Administration

LactoSens® is awarded with the IÖB seal, proving our solution to be recommendable to all Austrian public administration services: www.innovationspartnerschaft.at is an EU-wide unique platform building a bridge between the public administration and innovative companies. Visit LactoSens® innovation on the IÖB platform

DAIRY reporter: “LactoSens opens up lactose-free market”

One of the world’s leading magazine in dairy innovation has presented the LactoSens® biosensor test system as lactose-free market opener for dairies: Barriers of previously-used reference methods for precise lactose 0.01% threshold detection have been successfully eliminated. With the launch of the latest LactoSens® 0.01% biosensor – recently validated against HPLC – it has become […]

Nordval International Certificate for LactoSens

LactoSens® lactose test kit has obtained the NordVal International Certificate, which confirms that LactoSens® in a few minutes can measure lactose levels with the same precision as the reference method HPLC at ISO 17025 accredited labs. The certificate can be downloaded here. Press release CHR Hansen