08 Nov 2021

NordVal International Certificate was extended to LactoSens®R for NOLA™ Fit Lactose Biosensor Assay Kit

A recent study performed at Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) demonstrated that LactoSens®R for NOLA™ Fit Biosensor Assay Kit fulfils the requirements of the NordVal Validation Protocol 2. The validation study compared the lactose biosensor method against the golden standard method “High-performance-anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAEC-PAD)” and demonstrated that recovery was excellent with levels of 91 – 108 % and standard deviations was very low with levels of 1 – 8 %. LactoSens®R and LactoSens®R for NOLA™ Fit are resilient and robust Biosensor Assay Kits providing reliable lactose results within a minute. The method is applicable for a vast range of milk products, from milk to mozzarella and gives accurate results even in the presence of fruit preps or added flavors (e.g. cocoa, coffee). The extension of the certificate guarantees that LactoSens® fullfils the high performance requirements for the most common groups of lactases (yeast neutral and bifido bacterial) and thus expands the LactoSens® application range.

The method convinces with its simplicity and accuracy. Already factory calibrated, a simple 1 plus 1 sample dilution is enough to enable results equivalent to the reference method HPAEC-PAD in the range of 0.008 – 0.2 % lactose. Samples with lactose levels above 0.2 % can be analyzed when diluted with water prior to buffer dilution.

LactoSens® Assay Kits are the perfect choice for product release, process optimization and product development of lactose free or lactose reduced dairy products.

Download the extended NordVal certificate here.

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