20 Jul 2020

Excellent results for LactoSens® in the proficiency testing of MUVA Kempten GmbH

In spring 2020 MUVA proficiency testing number EPQS 831 “Detection of residual lactose in lactose reduced and lactose free milk” was conducted with 42 labs reporting valid results. 2 UHT milk samples, one with a lactose concentration of approx. 0.2 g/100g and a lactose-free < 0.1 g/100g sample, have been analysed by enzymatic methods (via galactose or glucose), ion-chromatography, HPLC, biosensors and infra-red. This year already 8 labs participated with LactoSens® 0.02% or LactoSens®R biosensor assay kits developed by DirectSens.

  • All labs participating with LactoSens® could meet the proficiency test criteria with excellent z-scores.
  • Results for LactoSens® are very comparable with the (unofficial*) reference method HPAEC-PAD (ion-chromatography with amperometric detection) for low lactose detection in dairy products.
  • LactoSens® shows a very low standard deviation both within each lab (≤ 3%) and between all the labs using LactoSens® in the study (≤ 7%).
  • The proficiency test demonstrates that LactoSens® is an accurate and precise method to be used for low-concentration lactose determination in milk.

*Currently, there is no official / ISO reference method for low-lactose/lactose free products. AOAC and IDF are jointly working on a project to make a new designated reference method. The HPAEC-PAD method has de facto replaced the old HPLC method (ISO22662:2007).

For further details please contact lactosens@directsens.com!

About MUVA Kempten GmbH

The proficiency testing program for quality assurance of MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH is one of the worldwide most important schemes for chemical, microbiology and sensory analysis of food. Since 25 years, MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH has experience in performing proficiency testing studies and in the applied statistics. MUVA KEMPTEN GMBH cooperates with a number of national and international working groups and is – since a long time – close with quality managemente and analytical quality assurance.

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