12 Aug 2016

Application Note for Cream

We successfully finished the validation of the LactoSens Test Kit for cream. It confirms that LactoSens can be used for the determination of lactose in lactose-reduced and lactose-free cream. Request the Application Note from our distribution partners.

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01 Aug 2016

Global Distribution Partner

We are pleased to announce that Chr. Hansen A/S is our new distribution partner for LactoSens sales in all countries except Austria and Germany. You can find contact details on our LactoSens page.

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06 Jun 2016

LactoSens® Video

DirectSens has produced a training video for the LactoSens Test Kit. It will help our customers to easily get used to the simple measurement procedure. Go to the LactoSens page or watch it right here!

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04 Feb 2016
23 Jan 2016
23 Dec 2015
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